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  • Listening to: Cat, sleeping.
  • Reading: "Embassytown" by China Mieville.
  • Watching: Glee.
  • Playing: With thoughts.
  • Eating: Cookie. In past tense.
  • Drinking: Tea.

Hi! It's been an eternity! I hope you're all doing fine and having nice time. : D

Do you know what? I share my rooms with a KITTEN now! : 3

Be Very Positive by sherega
He's a lovely little creature, always purring and playing and doing his own thing! Fighting against the stereotypic representation of typical cat, he is a social butterfly who enjoys the human, cat and dog company. He sings songs to birds, checks the well-being of toilet every morning and isn't intimidated by the size of a garbage truck. All in all, he's a very open-minded and brave little cat.

He also loves the full variety of alphates. For example "F" such as in "Food" and "little Felt balls".

And "W" such as  in "Walking outside" (in a leash) and "drinking from a Watercolour cup". The latter practice - unfortunately - is for some reason largely prohibited. He really can't understand why, as he sees no reason in favouring the colourless liquid over coloured liquid. He personally has nothing against colours. : /

- - -

And then, to the darker subjects. I recommend you skip the rest of this post if you don't care to read about my personal life and it's many turns. ": )

I’m writing this post only because I have a feeling that I owe an apology to many people here on dA. My leave was quite sudden and even though I tried to come back online, I didn’t succeed in my attempts. I only hope my actions weren’t interpreted as rude, unthankful or not caring. I still feel bad for all the conversations left unfinished and messages left unreplied. : (

However, the gloomy part of this post:

I was battling with mild depression already in 2008 when I originally joined Deviantart. I was studying in the gymnasium at that time and throughout my studies, dA had a very special place in my heart. It represented motivation and urge to grow as an artist, and I was inspired by all the talented people and their creations. The best part was that I met people, similar-minded people with great interest in creating things of their own. I even made friends. It was just plain awesome and I still kind of miss that warm feeling of belonging.

I also remember it being chaotic, to say the least. On the one hand, I was making more or less steady progress in my studies and I had my own little niche on dA. I wrote fiction, painted, drew, did crafts, played a musical instrument, read, did sports and went to gatherings. In a time period of single weekend, I could paint several large scale intricate aquarelles, finish a couple books and produce a ton of sketches. I actually did all the preliminary pieces that were needed for applying into Graphic Arts in one night – from start to finish. I even was accepted to the next stage of the process, but failed the two days test that followed.

And then, on the other hand, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t concentrate, and I had a hard time enjoying anything I did. I could go on for weeks with just few hours of sleep per night until I literally fell sick. Unless I was very high, I was very low. So very, very low. I forgot things, had problems with anxiety and felt hollow, unreal and frustrated. The final straw was the failure in the entrance examinations for the University, after which it all just fell apart. I wasn’t able to pursue anything visual arts related nor write for months. Instead I worked at a local library and had a relatively happy time there. (I even learned how to watch movies, again. Nice times.) Actually it took me a full year to recollect myself and rebuild my life.

All in all, leaving dA was not a conscious choice. Instead it was just something I was forced to do since I could no longer manage even the simplest of things – like evaluate an intelligible way to respond to a “Hello!”-message. It felt bad back then, and it still feels a little bad when I think about it. I really had wonderful time here on dA. Chatting with people, participating in art trades and getting valuable feedback and support was great. So great.

- - -

Nowadays I still suffer from recurring depression and anxiety, but my anxiety is not as bad as it used to be. I study Literature at University level and I lead a relatively simple, slow-paced life (with a kitten!). I still have a hard time answering to messages and it takes a lot of concentration and motivation from me to participate in social medias. Nonetheless, I’m feeling better and I enjoy the sense of having a control over my own life. Thus, I won’t promise my stay on dA will be indefinite but I try my best to make it as long and profitable as I can. : D

It would be nice to hear how you folks are doing(?) I just hope I
 didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings in past. : S

Fox on the Run by sherega

  • Listening to: Noise.
  • Playing: With thoughts.
  • Eating: Cookie. In past tense.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a sketch blog for some time now... but don't know where. So, it would be great if anyone had any pros and/or cons to share concerning on different (free) blogging platforms. I'm not really familiar with any other than wordpress and I'm not sure if it's the best pick here. Or is it?

And since I begun the talk on the matter, what kinds of art/sketch blogs do you like to follow? Do you have art blogs yourselves or know any other special ones, let me know! I'm curious! : D (I can start myself with one that I've been following for a long time:

- - -
What comes to work undone, I'm working as always. : ) I'm maybe coming slow but steady, nonetheless. Some of you already know.

...and I realize the paradox here, yes. Me, asking tips on sketch blogging. Even though I can hardly keep semi-active on dA these days! But currently my main art form is sketching and I can hardly see my sketches on dA, really. Although I couldn't forget dA, either. Don't worry. ^^
  • Listening to: Noises
  • Watching: The variance between light and shadow.
  • Playing: With thoughts
  • Eating: Nothing. But I'm feeling a bit hungry...
  • Drinking: Cold water!
Hi once again! It has been very busy spring. Just yesterday I had my last entrance exams to Uni. : D Hope you are all doing well, too?

In any case, since I am very determined to get rid of my artist block completely and once for all I am offering:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3 FREE REQUESTS for the first three persons to
post their requests as comments to this post.

(Also, in the case of more requests given, I might pick subjects from there too and thus keep drawing on.
In other words, some runner-ups may exist as well, even though in random order. Free lottery. : )

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just to make a point: one request per person, so pick carefully. And this is, by the way, completely free as the title yells no need to offer free request onward even though that would fun. Also, everyone can have their say - it plays no matter whether s/he is just passing by or a loyal watcher (I am honored to have loyal watchers, it seems. Thank you guys for your support. It means a lot to me. : )

I will promise nothing too fancy, neither do I promise anything beforehand what comes to the media I will use. I am currently fond of basic ball point pen, but probably I will choose my trade according to the theme suggested. I am trying to improve my timing so the only real objective I have in mind is to finish all the requests before summer vacation is over. ":---{D

(No need to worry if I am not answering right away. I will travel tomorrow to a place where Internet is only to be hastily visited (if at all). Your request will nonetheless be secured here even in the case of me returning lazy from my holiday and not really brave enough to open requests at all.)

I hope everyone will be able to enjoy their summer.
(To me, it is maybe even too hot and sunny, I burn ah-so-easily.)
  • Listening to: Noises...
  • Reading: Cognitive neuropsychology and nearly random lit
  • Watching: Book pages...
  • Playing: With several thoughts
  • Eating: Not hungry.
  • Drinking: Tea : )
I was tagged by :iconoddstuffs: ages ago (twice actually). Here you go with the first one :mwahaha::

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.
5. No tag backs.

1. Gah. There is nothing to write about. I can only tell you that as a word it has quite a nice hue of red (as I see it). :3

1. Is being called “Ohdake” these days or “Thistel” in (Old) English as I would translate it. The reason for this is that “Nathaniel” never was a name I was going to keep calling him permanently. : ) You can still call him Nathaniel if you find this transition complicated. I'm cursing myself for having started with such a name in the beginning. -_-" Unfortunately, probability that any of the characters could have ended up carrying such a name is possibly smaller than that of winning in a lottery or being hit by lightning twice. He's not that lucky.

1. …is a bit afraid of the sea. All the creatures lurking there with their overly exaggerated amounts of legs and huge blind eyes with no pupils. And sharp teeth, yellow-pink spots on the back and feet to walk on ground when night falls. Talons so lengthy they carve lines on the sand as the creatures creep nearer and nearer to the trail leading all the way up and under Thistel's window. As certain people may have already concluded, this anxiety might be at least partly based on Scarletia’s description concerning on the native inhabitants of the dark, unknown depths. Besides, no one has ever proved her to be really lying (in this matter) yet.
2. …would like to test his capabilities what comes to cooking but as long as Scarletia is there to decide, he may only set the table and do the dishes. In any case, he’s an expert what comes to boiling water or polishing silver tableware.
3. …likes to chat with Nokiki (that wolf-like creature he's having most of the time near him) even though she never answers to him. Few times he has tried to encourage her to tell if she finds his company boring but these attempts have also ended with some serious Fails.
4. …has tried to teach his favourite little robin, Sebal, to read. This project did not succeed as expected.
5. …can write with handwriting so similar to his Master’s that Ophiopogon eventually grew annoyed as destined. (Problem-solving went wrong.) Nevertheless, demanding Thistel to create a handwriting of his own has developed a lack of education what comes to connecting these sophisticated smudges with the respective symbols already existing. Ophiopogon has considered on inquiring whether Thistel would be interested in publishing a dictionary to go alongside with his written work cause it would be far easier to consider Thistel’s writing as a new language rather than as a remake of the already existing one.
6. …uses a simple picture consisting of a circle and spikes on it as his signature. According to Thistel’s explanation it resembles thistle, or burdock, his Master is so often referring him to. Scarletia says it looks like a bug having seven legs or a spider with one leg missing. Ophiopogon thinks it is best to say nothing on the matter or some disaster could see an opportunity to take place.
7. …is rarely afraid of anybody reading his notebook.
8. …happens to know where Fégo keeps all the silver teaspoons she “borrows” from Ophiopogon. Nonetheless, he keeps this information to himself in order to hold Fégo from gathering all the biscuits under her sharp and frustratingly alert beak whenever Ophiopogon is having tea with her.

1. …does not fear anything at least according to her own words.
2. …would never, ever touch Ophiopogon’s notebook.
3. …likes producing noise but deep inside is likely to be slightly more introverted than extroverted.
4. …does knitting from time to time in order to work also with “softer” materials. At least to Thistel it sounds like being engaged in some very serious metal working, though. As everyone knows, needles of any sort are hard to handle quietly.
5. …values Thistel’s company more than is willing to express in words.
6. …would go quite far for the sake of her fellow stoat when needed. : )
7. …is interested in probability calculus but has nearly none other real ambitions on the area of mathematics.
8. …daydreams on beating one of her uncle’s colleagues in cards some day.

1. …finds food to be somewhat overrated. Some people have said him to be picky what comes to eating.
2. …does not like red colour. There are several reasons for this.
3. …drinks no more than a quarter of a glass of wine when wine is served. This amount then has to be diluted with water or secretly donated to nearest pot plant as an extra nutrition if water is not served. Wine is no good for him even though he secretly likes the taste of it at times.
4. …every now and then enjoys his tea with salt when in a hurry.
5. …sleeps most of the nights on a couch located in his study. And some days, too. Anyway, Thistel is able to tell that whenever his Master is lying on his back, he’s still listening too closely.
6. …will go and meet his tailor if any of the buttons of any of his clothes have loosened or *!GASP!* fallen off. Is quite very, extremely, really, really fond of his “antique” clothes. The term most of the people would use. Thistel has a problem understanding how a single button is possibly able to cause such a fuss just by being absent for a while. -__-“
7. …considers dictionaries to be amusing. Reads them for fun when he has nothing better to do.
8. …is at times intimidated by his own height.
9. …hates the sound of scissors.

I'll tag :iconnightroaming: & :iconmechantece:
(No need to do three, though)
- - -


As usual. Too long phrases, inaccuracies and typos are included. And I'm tired and I think I'll go and fetch some energy via sleeping couple hours.

- - -
Currently I'm recovering from one very nasty flu. The last and only time I was pretty sure over having a fever was when I had to take a vaccination. At least I could have filled a survey listing all the symptoms of fever and mark big X:s all the way down. This time I pretty much felt the same and even had a slight increase over 37C for some time... after which my temperature dropped to about 35,4C and I slept five days in a row. *yaaawn* At least my books-to-read -list has decreased by couple millimeters and I've slept pretty well - even though it was not so glorious to be awake. I'm still connecting words "head" and "pumpkin" with each other for some reason.

In regard to New Year 2011 I'm hoping better time both art- and personal life -wise. Hope all of you will also enjoy coming year and Christmas or simply semester depending on what each of you is celebrating. n___n So much things to do during coming year and also before 1.1.2011.
  • Listening to: One song over and over and over and...over again.
  • Reading: Cognitive neuropsychology
  • Watching: White
  • Playing: With several thoughts
  • Eating: I almost ate an apple.
  • Drinking: Water
I have to say this now:

I'm not dead.
I'll make comeback before 22th December.
I promise.

Oh, and """:---D

- - -

So, the real message behind this is...
(surprise surprise) to people who I've promised anything concerning on drawing or painting (or pointless doodling for that matter), I'm working. I've been suffering one nerves breaking and taking art block for almost five months now but I'm working. And working... and working... and working... I just don't want to submit any rubbish here as long as I cannot see on the paper anything to show to anybody.

You deserve better. Believe me.
I try my best in order to not let you down and get over the art block as soon as possible. ": D

- - -

To everybody else, I've got a lot of plans in my mind to be put on paper. Only that the problem is indeed putting them on paper. Such a conflict. =____=" It feels so stupid I cannot hold a paint brush in my hand without feeling exhausted. I'm falling apart. And it's not a nice feeling at all. Gah. I'll find some way to get rid of this Block. It's disturbing with my life. Grr.

Hope your all having nice time there where ever you are. I'm telling my Block how nice it would be to be able to paint even part of the beautiful snowy scenery just behind the window.  I hope it will grasp the idea soon. : )
  • Listening to: Björk.
  • Reading: Maths, neurobiology, philosophy, navigation...
  • Watching: Exam papers. o_o
  • Playing: With a thought concerning on passing the exams.
  • Eating: Very soon something!
  • Drinking: Tea. : )

I'm sorry for not having answered to your messages... and this in consideration of the whole spectrum of tenses: past, present - and future. I'm currently having my final exams so the thing is that I neither have that time or that specific patience left to take my time and type my reply to every message with that special care and carefulness that should be practiced when I'm the one to type. (At times I tend to have a habit to switch between the extremes what comes to my moods and I don't want to be misunderstood by anyone right now...) I'm really sorry! I know I'm having art trades and I really, really try to finish them as soon as possible! I haven't forgotten them! It just have been a really busy spring - more hectic than I originally presumed, actually. o____o" (Nevertheless, I couldn't help joining the ATC trade once again this month as they are so quick to do, so I'll finish that one. I don't want to get on black list no matter I like the colour associated with that very list of bad reputation. : )

Otherwise I'm feeling good as an overall. If anyone is interested in knowing, I applied to study Graphical Design as well as Law and Architecture. The only thing I really am eager to study as my primary subject is, nonetheless, Graphical Design. (There is a possibility I'll be illustrating real books someday! : D)Others two only belong under the category known as "Plan B.)" and that plan I hope I don't need to take into action. Even though I find Architecture and Law interesting they are not the subjects I have that enthusiasm towards (anymore).

… If you're wondering how can anyone even come up with an idea of having Law as second option, I can inform you that it was not really my idea. I tried to explain my parents that often people who apply there have even applied plenty of times before getting in... but for a reason or another we never quite understood each other in this matter. Nonetheless, I'm now having my peace to study and no one is later telling me how I was stupid not to have those precious second and third option. "xD

What comes to my free time, I'm reading. I'm reading a lot.  I've finished three books after last time finishing any being in January. (An enormous time gap! *gasp*) In addition to fictional and half-fictional literature, I'm back studying philosophy, neurobiology and psychology on my own. It feels such a relief to take a break and spend couple hours or the rest of the day looking for something interesting to go through. I've also revisited anatomy and some history as I'm still very keen on studying navigation and history of it - including all the different types of boats, compasses, knots, flag language etc. I'm a bit angry to myself for having forgotten so much during my High School years! I have so much to look up all again and information to put back on date. Even though I've learned many things at school, I still in a way feel that I've lost similar amount of information by not having all the time needed to learn by my own on any topic I possibly find interesting. : / (Half of my brains are feeling as if they are covered with dust, so to say...)

Hmm. Enough said now. I'll finish with my scribbling and go reading some more mathematics. In any case, I hope you're enjoying the weather whatever it is and I'm sorry my answers will be late! All the messages and favourites and lamas and watches and what ever you come up with are appreciated in any case! I'm just a bit tired for now and it's maybe best to warn you that I'll continue this semi-hiatus for some time… : )

(So there's nothing personal if you don't hear about me for a while. If anyone is having something important in mind, I'll visit my dA account to check if I've gotten any notes insisting my reply as quickly as possible. : D)

Feature and 8+10 things about myself

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 9, 2010, 11:30 AM
  • Listening to: Silence, currently. n____n And it sounds so good.
  • Reading: Biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics D :&am
  • Watching: Diagrams
  • Playing: With thought about passing exams. <_<"
  • Eating: Soon something.
  • Drinking: Oo! Something different this time: fruit juice!!

My subscription is finally ending but I really enjoyed trying it out! : D

Here are some of the works created by the kind and imaginative person who surprised me three months ago with her gift:
:thumb135852189: (<- I would love to have a fungus bowl, too!)
Word Play Thumbs Part 2 by Oddstuffs (<- My favourite is the one in up right corner.)
Pi? by Oddstuffs (<- :----D)
Bilby Icon by Oddstuffs (<- Adorable little creature! Those ears look so funny.)
A Suit for Smi by Oddstuffs (<- And Smi. He's maybe my favourite from all of her original characters. n___n )

- - -
:iconoddstuffs: also tagged me to reveal 8 things about myself - apparently in addition to those ten already listed below. : ) So here it goes finally:

1.) Post the rules
2.) Each tagged person tells 8 things about themselves.
3.) At the end tag 8 people and put their icon in your journal.
4.) Then go to their page and leave a comment saying you tagged them.
5.) No tag backs

8 things about me:

1.) I've finally taught myself to use notebooks!! ": D

2.) At the moment I'm really interested in sailing ships.

3.) I'm bad with deadlines but always try my best in order to meet them. (It even happens at times! : O )

4.) I'm really fond of my two (lucky) bamboos as they're the only plants I've ever possibly had who have survived even over the time given for them. The little card with them said they would cope 3 months in water but now it has passed already several years and they still look all fine. Usually my plants always get killed though I try to protect them as much as I can. : S

5.) I also love cactuses. Currently there is one little sharing my working space with me and keeping me some company. De looks pretty arrogant with those two large, pink flowers though. <3

6.) Ice cream is my weak spot. And chocolate my favourite.

7.) I hate cooking for other people but I usually like to cook for myself. Meaning I like to try out mixing all sorts of ingredients together just out of curiosity on how they would taste... usually my foods are pretty much edible. Luckily.

8.) Life without fantasy, would sound a pretty much dull one to me.

Hum. I think I won't tag anyone this time. I'm having a "holiday" (spent by reading for mock exams) so let's share this beautiful feeling with you.

(Physics, chemistry, mathematics and some parts of biology to go. Finnish and English already revised. : D )

- - -
And ten facts more as I previously got tagged by :icondresdenbell: : D

The Rules
1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

10 things about me:

1. I love animals!

2. Sadly, I don't have any pets. ) : I would like to have a dog, though.

3. I would like to name my dog "Onomatopoeia" or  "Ono" in short. : D

4. Tea<3

5. One of my greatest wishes would be to try whether I'm able to create a single pure sound with a violin. I also would love to be able to play a cello.

6. Classical music have been my passion all the way from my very childhood. Nevertheless, I also listen metal, soundtracks, pop, rock, several alternative styles, folk etc. Specific piece of music is the one that matters after all, not the style. : )

7. I'm rarely able to watch television without a pen and my sketchbook accompanying me.

8. I enjoy creating all sorts of creatures. (Have you ever heard that there is a long-nosed little monster inhabiting my friend's shoulder bag and eating [= read 'destroying'] all her rulers? : O)

9. I love BOOKS! <3 I'm always reading something and love to explore new worlds and things and everything there exist in between the covers!

10. I want to do something very closely art-related as my job in future.

Hmm. Well, I've been tagged before but I've never tagged anyone so here I go this time... I tag (...NO ONE - this is an old entry you remember?):

:iconmsmeakochan: :iconmechantece: :iconnightroaming:

- - -
(Now I go to eat something. I just noticed it's about seven hours since I ate last time. So long for the aim of being regular with my appetite even for once. : D )

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

New Year 2010

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2010, 9:10 AM
  • Reading: The Secret Garden
  • Watching: Book(s), my somewhat clean table : )
  • Eating: . . .
  • Drinking: Tea!!
Free Sketch
Note Me

Only Eleven Months, I count.

Hope you all had/will have a nice Christmas. And I also wish you to enjoy coming year.

(I felt like writing something so here I go.)

9 was an interesting year to me. Of course I had tons of schoolwork to do (and was often than twice bored by it) and some unpleasant times as there is in everyone's lives, but still all the positive things happened to occur to me were surprisingly numerous. Even though I joined dA already in 2008, I did upload only couple photos as a test. It was as late as not until February 2009 I really JOINED to the life of this site - after a year following it. And in this pretty short time of approximately eleven months I have enjoyed your comments and feedbag and notes and all kinds of things you've presented to me. Art trades, discussions and very many random chats have made my day quite a many times. : D All of you a huge "Thank You"! I also want to send hugs to all of my friends there in this so called "real" life. (Especially to you who I meet so rarely nowadays. I would want to talk about books more. And some of my projects. And letter "O". And numbers. And synesthesia. And mostly everything going on in my head.)

Also I trust myself more what comes to my art. (Though I still feel awkward to speak about "artist" or "art" and refer to me and my working. When keeping in mind that I drew almost nothing only some years ago.) I know there is still work to do but I also know that even with this snail speed of mine, development happens all the time. Already on a mental level, the change taken place is huge - only six months ago I was still thinking about going to study physics or biology, and now I'm more likely dreaming of painting and drawing for the rest of my life. Giving myself at least one solid reason to constantly walk head above the clouds. ":----D

t done during 2009

One of those I'm most proud of.
Gardenia by sherega
~ ~ ~

HA! I (almost) managed to avoid blue! And Nathan got his sheet he had been longing for.
Nathaniel - Character Sheet by sherega
~ ~ ~

For it to be my first digital paintings, I think this one turned out pretty good. : )
Subtle - Lilith Portrait (WIP) by sherega
~ ~ ~

I still like the atmosphere in this one.
OSWOA - Seeking Solace by sherega
~ ~ ~

It might not look like anything major, but I had had this image in my mind for months.
My Imaginary Tree by sherega
~ ~ ~


0 will hopefully be even better year. Work needs to be done, still, to even get into University. And to be accepted in, will mean even more work. : D But it would be really great to get to study arts or architecture or something like that!

I made some NEW YEAR
s, too.

(Even though I remembered them not before 1.1.2010...)

:bulletblack: Even though ..Real Paper Stamp.. by Rabid-Weasels I will practice digital drawing more.
:bulletblack: I will Write. -stamp by Rivana more. I also try to learn to use a notebook to script down some quick ideas.
:bulletblack: :thumb75704611: ...I will sleep more (often).
:bulletblack: I Love My Pencils by StampsLikeCrazy already, but I think they deserve even more affection. Some further work on this field would be not all too bad...
:bulletblack: I will ask :thumb137494034: even more often. It makes good. <3
:bulletblack: I will read more Books by Sesquipedalianistic. ♥
:bulletblack: I will push myself to accomplish this aim: dailydoodlers stamp by mynti I noticed there were days I did not draw at all! Even couple days in a row!! D :

: D


1.) do a character sheet for Ophiopogon. (I'm just so lazy to scan anything...)</sub>

- - -


(Hmph. I forgot. I also promised to spend some time reading for the exams. And graduate finally from the High School. -___-")

(For some reason they did not show up here... D : )

All this Christmas mood

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 12, 2009, 2:34 AM
  • Listening to: &quot;The Village&quot; -soundtrack
  • Reading: The Secret Garden, Inkspell and Inkdeath
  • Watching: Book(s), my table flooding from papers
  • Playing: With a brush. At times with a needle.
  • Eating: . . .
  • Drinking: Tea! (Named ironically &quot;Wise one's tea&quot;.
...around here and there amazes me over and over again!

Seems like I have to write another "Thank You!" journal. : D I was really surprised to log in and notice there standing "Premium Member" before my very user name. O____O! Thank you :iconoddstuffs: for the present!

Let's see what all fun we can get out from it!!


And on the other hand I'm sorry for being so late with everything! I'll answer all the :email:s as soon as I can. Woo. I just slept around 15 hours last night (+ day). I was so tired after working whole week like a mad and all the time calculating minutes to next "very important thing". And even then when I finally slept and even saw some dreams, I saw nightmares about my school presentation I kept yesterday and also about the concert I was playing Thursday, for most of the time. Hrr.

I really have to come up with some presents for Christmas. This school makes me crazy at times... Usually I've done major part of all the presents I give all by myself with my own "little" hands but now it's only some -two?! - weeks to the celebration and I've managed to do hardly nothing. y_____y" Well, people who are good at procrastinating usually have to master some magic so I think I'll survive somehow...with this "talent" of mine. But anything splendid or awesome or great or magnificent (and you can fullfil this list by yourselves) I'm not the one to exactly promise.

In any case, you are allowed to wait for...

~ something my brushes danced upon
~ something I let my ink pen to tip tap toe on
~ something soft with what I had to use some sharp things to process
~ possibly something needed to be printed before presented
~ possibly something nice to leaf through while drinking tea
~ possibly pieces of paper my pen enjoyed fulfilling for thee
~ for you to something randomly write in between(?)
~ somethingS I promised months ago
...but oh well, my promises are made to last long.


(Don't laugh! Lists are easier to remember this way. And my TO-DO -list is more likely made to be full of function, not filled with aesthetics, anyway. :" P )


I've met simply great, great people here on dA and in real life. <3 Such a lucky little creature I am. Thank you all and I really, really hope you to enjoy your holidays. At least to me that holiday is needed one. :xmas:

Randomness Request(ed)

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2009, 11:05 AM
  • Listening to: Elgar, Pachelbel, Bach (cello &amp; violin &lt;3)
  • Reading: The Tale of Despereaux &amp; The Secret Garden
  • Watching: Book(s).
  • Playing: With a brush.
  • Eating: . . .
  • Drinking: Hot chocolate without &quot;hot&quot;-part.
Anything random you would like to say today?

This far I have already "collected"
(-> my previous journal for more info)

- lemon zest
- soap
- combustion

Anyone can have their word(s) now and I possibly would able to complete one kind of a combination of requests. *nod nod*

Speak now or forever hold your peace. (As to lend this expression from my English teacher.)
(Thank you for your kind randomness :iconmsmeakochan: )

This campaingn-thing is fun. I wanted to try out a different CSS this time. Luckily I wound just the right colour and I even like the font. Only thing I would like to change is that picture but I leave it to later for now. ; D I hope you're doing well there where ever you are.


(All belonging to their respective owners! More can be found from my previous journal as I thought this time that less can be more, here. Tell me if you would like me to feature some specific piece from your gallery(?))

Ran by Ginasa Elegence in cardboard by Msmeakochan
First Kiss - Colored by Shinu-Tenshi 001books
stacked high
left perched haphazardly
ready to fall
the floor.
all over the walls
the notes
scrawling winding handwriting
sparkling in the sun.
new carpet
half eaten box
of Junior Mints
the door
inviting you in
as the music grows
left in corners
names written on the disks
so the dust hasn't touched them.
doesn't quite fit
but belonging.
This is where I am at peace.
Chaos turns to serenity.
. . .
When You Bring a Nice Captive by liska-rediska
Think by Ruffnekk73 Heart by Rainbow-potato
N O T   S O   S M A L L by VVolny Little reading companion by Nightroaming
Bilby Icon by Oddstuffs Lolipop by Nekazowa-sempai rukia by nightwish29

Golden color sunlight by peggyly Talk to the Birds by melora City of Lost Children by DanilLovesFood

greenTEA stamp by KatiBear + comments + by kittin0 Classical music stamp by Tollerka
Books by Sesquipedalianistic Traditional Art Stamp by darkartificer Stamp. by Trynnie
:thumb86444909: Write. -stamp by Rivana:thumb69636128:
:thumb128963698: Penguin Stamp by hosmer23 Originality stamp by rage1986
I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05
Vintage by HappyStamp:thumb132515607:
Art Nouveau stamp by Chris10a Nature support stamp by Terracoon Weird Stamp by Kojima2087

MAJOR EDIT (not my fault D :< ):

dA had a lunch with my journal entry. D ":

And dA ate my journal entry. y____y
  • Listening to: Would like to listen some H&auml;ndel...
  • Reading: Oliver Twist
  • Watching: Deviations
  • Playing: With a pen.
  • Eating: Nut.
  • Drinking: Tea. I want some tea.
  • Listening to: Soundtracks, classical... Mozart, Bj&ouml;rk, Enya
  • Reading: Very slowly.
  • Watching: Pictures drawn with my imagination mostly.
  • Playing: With one pendant of mine.
  • Eating: Mainly thinking about noodles.
  • Drinking: Water. I would like some tea now...
(Couldn't come up with any other title for now. Sorry :iconmechantece: for using this one twice. >: P )

Happy birthday :icontoverikettu: and one other very dear friend of mine! : D

I've been thinking about writing something for a while already. I haven't been really active lately or even painted that much. (I'm feeling so lucky this is my last year in High School.) Sorry for procrastinating but my personal life is just so filled nowadays because of school plus some other things keeping me either worrying too much or being far too unresponsive and untouched. It's very hard to even think about just sitting down and painting or drawing. Like a manmade artistblock! I've been writing though and at times I feel that it would be nice to show you some of my texts but I afraid my favourite parts wouldn't really say that much to you. <_<" Anyway, it might be that I'll post here one of my minor projects I somewhat like even though my short stories tenc to be pretty much describing some feeling or idea some strange way. I don't know how to define them. My moods, I guess? And some original pictures I hastily painted during my vacations will be submittted some time in a future, too. I'm not all satisfied with all of those but I think I won't return to them. No more.

(I really should be reading more. The way I used to read.)

In any case, I'm working on all my projects so they are all started and only somewhat unfinished. I'll inform everyone concerned specifically when I'm done so don't worry and try to be patient with me, please. I might be slow but on the other hand it's pretty much part of me. And my calender is filled with deadlines.

(Hmm... what else was I going to say...(?) =_____= My poor memory.)

Oh! The last part of the Inkheart trilogy! I'm reading it now for it was finally released in Finnish (I would have liked to read the English version but no way I could have gotten it). After many years patient waiting I'm now finally reading the last part. Silly that original title "inkdeath" is in Finnish translated as "Inkworld"... I maybe would like to draw Mortimer. I always liked him and even Dustfinger. I'm also reading Lavinia though my reading process seems to be pretty much taking an eternity. I've read three pages of text in three or so weeks. :-------D Quite pathetic. For school we "have to" read Fight Club from Chuck Palahniuk.

(Yikes! Ó.Ò!)

And the strange matter here. So, me who have never being in a bar or drank alcohol, this specific absolutist me who hates crowded places and loudness... this very I is going to go to a bar tomorrow. O.O" My friend (for clarification, not Toverikettu here! : ) has a birthday and she wanted me to go there with her. I think I'm a bit in a shock even by a thought about it. All those people and so on. Hrr. We'll see if ever get out of there alive. If you don't here me during the weekend I probably didn't survive. The law of the nature, weak ones will lose one way or another. n_____n" Good news: I actually meet her, after a very long time period!

Wish me luck, please. I think I'll need it.

EDIT: I survived! They never even reached to the bar! n_____n"

  • Listening to: Falling Leaves... outside the window rains leaves!
  • Reading: School things.
  • Watching: The Queen (watched it 3&frac12; times this weekend
  • Playing: With a pen?
  • Eating: n______n Bread.
  • Drinking: Water. I maybe go and get some tea too, actually.
So. The last exam is over tomorrow! :" D I'm not really a test person. An idea of putting one into form of symbols and numbers doesn't really co-operate with my ideology.

Short journal this time. O_____n_n_____O

I) Any general facts you would like to share?

- talented in handling fire
- “real” names are ‘Iowrel’ (and ‘Scarletia’ ) but Iowrel sounds far too flowery
- parents are Iowwyn and Iomego
- ophiopogon’s niece
- lives at the Library with her uncle, Mr. Fritzz (weasel), Nokiki (lapdog-wolf), Sebast (robin), some mice and bugs and several other creatures

Nathaniel: I live here, too.

- Aaboy with a strange name no one can correctly pronounce ‘Nathaniel’, often called as Burdock, is her uncle’s apprentice and can be counted as one of the already mentioned “creatures”

Nathaniel: I can inform you that I’m much more company-like than the shakseraggs, out there.

- taller than Burdock
- older than Burdock

Nathaniel: Just for a year. Approximetely... Actually less.

- much more capable in cooking than Burdock

Nathaniel: I can cook! ò.ó
Scarlet: Yea. Vegetable soup. Even uncle grows bored to your attempts in a few days. May I continue my list now?
Nathaniel: -´___`-
Scarlet: Interrupter…

- still more capable in cleaning than Burdock

Nathaniel: Thank you very much, Scarlet! I’m all good enough in cleaning! *mumble* You’re not the only house spirit Master is having around here.

- ...Scarletia is also widely known for her merits as being the first person capable to teach a burdock to clean and cook

Nathaniel: …At times I keep questioning myself whether you have any sort of modesty at all.
Scarlet: Hmm. What does it mean?
Nathaniel: *heavy sigh* I knew. Aaa! What was that for?!
Scarlet: That was better to b the last time you even consider thinking me stupid. I know very well what this ‘modesty’ of yours means but it’s a whole different question whether I should keep it as my principle when in practice!
Nathaniel: Still you wouldn’t have had to step on my toes! What am I even doing here?...
Scarlet: Just ask the next question and stop that tangling already. You sound like uncle after someone has once again poured some red wine in his tea.
Nathaniel: *sigh*
Scarlet: *grinding her teeth together* I’m enough with that constant sighing, too...

II) What things do you like?

- sewing, working with metal and wood, other handicraft
- my family
- fire, red and orange
- pockets and clocks
- cooking, cleaning
- some poetry
- travelling

Nathaniel: Habit commonly known as ‘disappearing’ in her case.
Scarlet: Shut up, Burdock, when you understand none of the topic. The delicate sense of wandering runs in my veins as that silliness does in your case. Although... I inherited my specific “sense” from my very parents – you created yours all by your own.

- lock picking
- drawing and painting

Nathaniel: Like that mess you painted yesterday?
Scarlet: v___v  Your so ignorant little thing. You really should go out more if you don’t even recognize a cat.
Nathaniel: -____- I recognise a cat when I see one.”</sub>

- reading about various topics like techniques, clockworks and especially clock making. I want to be a clocksmith someday.
- animals, especially Fégo, Nokiki, Mister Fritzz and Sebast.

Nathaniel: ´y____y` But me you don’t like.
Scarlet: Who has told you such a lie? You’re quite of a good company even though it’s pretty frustrating to work as your caretaker half of the time.
Nathaniel: Ò.Ó That book wasn’t my fault!
Scarlet: You could have used some other method to pick it up from the uppermost shelf else than climbing on a bookshelf! It took me an eternity to persuade Segnol to lend me some glue and new string! Sceptical old man.
Nathaniel:</u> Master Igorio isn’t even old yet.
Scarlet: But very well could be. He truly has a talent acting like one. Even Quind -
Scarlet: Ah! And now you go on all by yourself?
Nathaniel: Why can’t you just answer now. Master wakes up if you keep screaming for a sound more. If that happens, we have to, once again, plan next try further and further.
Scarlet: I bet Master never asked you any questions before he accepted to take you under his roof. Such a coward you are.
Nathaniel: But this coward is still helping you here! =_____= Besides, he actually did ask me questions.
Scarlet: Let me see... Like ‘What is your favourite food, by the way? My niece is a very good cook, have I ever mentioned it before?’
Nathaniel: No. I didn’t even know about you before I moved here. And Master can be a bit irrational at times but it doesn’t mean all the Masters are. I bet clocksmiths are much more coherent with their questionnaires.
Scarlet: And you are the best to say, isn’t it?
Nathaniel: Just answer the question now. And don’t look so irritated.
Scarlet: v`.´v

Well... I don’t like
- cooking the same dish two times in a row
- reading aloud
- missing some of my tools...
- knowing my uncle’s apprentice happened to step on my mechanical spider I was going to present to my future master...*cough*

Nathaniel: It was a mistake! And I’m attempting to pay back all the time! It was even my proposition to help you out with these questions. D “:
Scarlet: The problem is that you stepped on it in the first place!
Nathaniel: It just looked too much alive! *shivers* You know how I much I dislike spiders.
Scarlet: Just go on. I don’t want to remember him anymore or I’ll have to bunch you. How do you think I’m going to convince anyone without any proper example of my own working? TT___TT

Nathaniel: Don’t look so sad, please. I bet there is some way you –
Scarlet: ‘You’? Hear me folly, it was you to broke this example of mine!
Nathaniel: ...’we’ can turn this miserable event as our win. Any coin has its shine under the dust. e____e ...The problem with the ‘us’ though, is that I’m not good at lying. Even mister Fjeod caught me up last time.
Scarlet: I tell a lot of stories but it doesn’t mean I would lie to my forecoming master as the first thing to do, Nathan! What should I even lie about? That I created a spider so fast and clever that it just run away all by its own?!
Nathaniel: That sounds like a very good excuse to me. Where-is-the-door-where-is-the-door!)</sub>
Scarlet: BURDOCK ! You dare to run away! Just wait a moment ‘till I catch you spider-killer! You cannot run for an eternity!
  • Listening to: There is alarming silent here. u.u
  • Reading: Too much, too little time left. u.u
  • Watching: To the nothingness. u.u
  • Playing: (I bet that word above doesn't even exist.)
  • Eating: My nails. I keep biting them too often these days.
  • Drinking: Tea. I even considered learning to drink coffee.
Or at least I hope so. That I pass all the exams (somewhat properly) and they turn, as the time passes, into form of a faint bad nightmare I had back "then" (=now in present).

For a claustrophobic person like me, sitting still for six hour in a closed place, surrounded by people all that time, even a thought of the forecoming exams make me suddenly feel "a bit" nauseous. *general sarcasm here* Yes, i'm feeling frightened so to say. Or so-frightened-that-barely-can-think-or-even-lie-not-being-all-numb-and-silently-terrified.

V.V Maybe I'll die there. Or faint. Or start to panic. Never know. Or then I forgot how I ever got there. There are multiple choices but I think the last one is most supposed one. Anyway,

a.) I'm still alive if being alive is described as having some mental work happening inside my head and in that specific thoughful organ I suppose I'm having there.

b.) I've never fainted.

Nontheless, I try to finish my trade with :iconliska-rediska: some time. I've already somewhat done with the lineart though I think I should correct some things there. Also I decided to join some contest. According to my previous experiments, contests seems to help me to guide my thoughts a bit elsewhere in the middle of this chaos inside my head = I forget to read to these exams (<- not really, only option I could possibly forgot them is in the middle of the examination. This has happened quite a several times.).

u______u Sorry for such a down-mood journal this time, but I felt writing this down. (One competition I want to attend is a literature competition. Last time I got an honourific mention so maybe I'll not do that bad this time either. I feel always a bit awkward practically seeing my text anywhere as a "finished" piece. "xD )

But as it said, one should front her horrors.

Conclusion: I'll sit total 25 hours closed in one room and I'll not even have proper drawing paper with me.

u.u And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…
  • Listening to: Kokia
  • Reading: Biology, physics, French...
  • Watching: School books, dA (too often)
  • Playing: With my imagination
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Water (as always)
So it really took this long to get my desk "done" (="back"). Over month?!! Month ago I could have never expected that varnishing a single table would take that long but maybe I was being a bit too naïve. Sometimes it feels like my family would gather it's living power from all kinds of projects and this time my table ended up being one object of this noteworthy interest. For a start, I thought that I would have done all the work by myself from choosing the colour to varnishing but my parents enjoy woodworks and so - for I left my home for a day to visit my friend - we made a deal that they could do the first varnishing.

When I finally (I was absent only one day!) got back home, I was awaited by a can of mahogany varnish instead of the walnut one I had chosen in the first place. It cleared that my father had just misunderstood me and thought that I had chosen a wrong colour by a mistake and so, he had felt like revising this very mistake and replaced my "black" colour with red one. Nevertheless, this problem grew a bit and I and my father ended up having several serious conversations on topics like "Is mahogany red?" (I didn't want to have a red table. There is enough red elsewhere in our house, already.) and "Walnut or black? The difference inbetween." (My father sincerely thought (and thinks still...?) that such difference doesn't even exist.) It felt really strange (stupid) because I only rarely really debate with my father on anything - and then we found ourselves debating on colours. x D

Now, as a result after a month is that my table is pretty close to black.


Ingredients for this specific colour are following *sigh*:

2 layers of mahogany varnish
1 or 2 layer(s) of walnut varnish (cannot even remember the amounts anymore)
2 layers of transparent varnish
1 glass pane on top of all this because my parents apparently don't want to varnish my table over again very soon. And neither do I, actually.


Nevertheless, we're all content with it. Everyone had a change to keep their head and have their colour done. :-----D (And I can move back to my room and have some real work done! Sorry for procrastinating. :'D )

o.O! And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…
  • Reading: Biology, physics, Finnish books, French...
  • Watching: School books
  • Playing: With my imagination
  • Eating: (School=no food) Nononono! I eat dark chocolate!
  • Drinking: Water (as always) : D
Oo... I decided today (finally) that no, I'm not going to be a pilot, doctor, ingenieur, economist or astronaut for the "rest" of my life. I try my luckiness and apply to the University of Fine Arts to continue my studies! (Helsingin Kuvataideakatemia... ei jaksa olla varma englannistuksesta juuri nyt. Aivan liian levottomana.) :---------------D

All this just as an info to some of my friends out there (somewhere)... I'm feeling so thrilled as always when I get a really good idea. *...* Tomorrow I should go and ask if I could do the Art Diploma even though my studies have tolerated total 0% of arts this far. :'D One of my teachers said that it might be still possible and I really would like to sort that Diploma-thing out. I use to draw for relaxation, anyway, so I can do those drawings for some real reason, too, isn't it (?).

Also, I have to do five works to be sent to the University. O.O!


Suddenly I'm feeling so empty. I have no idea what they except there. The candidates are given pretty wide scala of possibilities from sculpture to paintings. Without no further rules about the topic or nothing! *frightened and excited*

I even thought about senting some of the works I already have here in my gallery but somehow it feels that I should do something whole new. Q.Q But I still have months of time to spent (with school) with painting... Hrr.

I was so hyper today. I even missed my music theory lesson. u_____u"

Anyone interested in a card trade? Commissions? Any other trades by the way? :------O (NOOO! I can't put this here...... I have already tons of work!)

I think I'll never grow up. Thoroughly.


o.O! And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…
  • Listening to: The discussion occurring in my mind... I guess.
  • Reading: Diana Wynne Jones, Leonie Swann
  • Eating: Ice-cream (and lots of salad). n_____n
  • Drinking: Water (as always) : D
Ouch. I just got home and then I'll be going again... =_= Maybe it's good because I feel tired at home... or maybe wandering in "strange" places just make me tired. I don't know. And I need 10-11 hours sleep every single night?! Before, 6-7 hours was luxury...

One good thing is that I finally (after propsong it for years) am allowed to polish and revarnish my old, loyal working desk. It may not sound that big thing to do and actually my opinion agreeds with previous one, but maybe it just needed right time and place. During school-time I wouldn't have had time to polish my working desk. n___n" Only shame is that it's already a bit late, because some (= all) of the scratches are so deep, that simply eliminating the former layer of varnish is not enough. (I'm so happy to get rid of it, though. :'D ) Nevertheless, it will be fine because my dear table will get a new, beautiful colour of walnut to make even scrathces look pretty!

I was so happy my mum and father didn't touch my table. while I was away. They would have let it all yellow as the current colour is in my point of view.

And I'm serious this time... My desk means a lot to me.



Woah. There will maybe be some changes in the case of some of my very own charaters in the near future if my sense beats up and wins my sensibility. (Beating up is the way I've been feeling for months now. As long as that battle has been occuring. D x ) The thing is that some of them (might) will have to get used to new names. It's hard to explain but as I spent a lot of time only researching and gathering more knowledge on some areas, I'm pretty sure my sense will win... Anyway, many of the names the charactes have, are more likely their working names. In my mind I use different ways to "name" them.

This is just a warning and simple explanation if you find some changes happening (in the future). : S I also felt like writing this down.


Hope you're all having nice time. n___________n

About ten books read for this summer. Flying Castle was really nice. I like Howl and Calcifer so much. But screaming little childrens are simply scary. And the noice they manage to create is just unbearable. Every single time someone mentioned a child yelling, I could almost hear that noice while reading. I had to stop reading for a while so many times I felt like I'll never finish the book...

o.O! And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…
Priority no.:

1# :iconnerdyridbug: - FINISH THE TRADE ALREADY! D :

"...some kind of futuristic city skyline or something like that. The only real stipulation I have is that I'd like there to be a very neon feel. Other than that, basically I'd just want to leave it to you."

Shouldn't be too hard. *sigh*

2# :iconthemoondrop: - ART TRADE

"...something like ATC - Awkward Silence by sherega or Blue by sherega or your new one ACEO - Customized Cogwheels co. by sherega
theyre all great and i like the style.
feel free to make everything what your creativity wants
only thing, i want a red balloon on the ATC! is that okay for you?"

One done but not content with it...

3# :iconsalriella: - GIFT

hamstari <3

- - -
In no order:

1# Portrait of Ophiopogon
1# Thistel, "some plants" and one giant ant
1# Rest of the gifts (!)
1# Map (and for real, this time)
1# Glio
1# Firio's portrait
1# Finish the serie of photos (:
1# The doll
1# Erculia
1# Self-portrait, for fun

- - -
Magical extra feature for those who had patience and energy left to scroll all the way down here! Tadaaa(!!):


I open this feature in order to keep me busy - and drawing - since I'm lacking that quality right now. Rules (sort of):

- Anyone can make a request.
- Topic of the request can be anything.
- Several requests from same person = fine to me. (:
- Media or style what comes to handling of the request can be added. Nevertheless, as I consider this "feature" more likely as my idea box it might be I end up choosing differently.
- I do not set deadlines! They kill me. And far too slowly.
- The order of the requests given does not equal the order I end up picking up the topics. (Let's not delve deeper into this process. My mind is one tricky thing.)

TIP - Often times good way to gather my attention is simply to introduce the bait in such of a colourful, irresistible, intriguing and imaginative manner that I possibly cannot rid of the mental picture. x D I have a tendency to get emotionally attached to everything.

- - -
Even more magical one:


Closed for now. I finish the trades I have and keep a holiday then. Consider sleeping and taking some naps and such.

- - -
Shadow feature. Woot.



- - -

Thank you already beforehand! By the way, you made it, read my journal all the way to the end. o.o
  • Listening to: My sister - she's talking constantly
  • Reading: Philip Pullman, Diana Wynne Jones
  • Eating: Ice-cream! n_____n
  • Drinking: Water (as always) : D
  • Listening to: System of a Down, Vienna Teng
  • Reading: Philip Pullman, Diana Wynne Jones
  • Eating: Watermelon n__n
  • Drinking: Water (as always) : D
Finally it's summer, exams are over and I'm having my vacation!! *grin* It's so warm and sunny here. So "summerish" weather so to say. : D

Now I'm at last also having some time start and even finish some of my art-related projects ^^ :

:orange: 3 trades! (2 left o.O!)

:iconnightroaming: DONE (… xD )
:iconliska-rediska: (Starting real work soon xD Planning takes always time but I'm not going to hurry with drawing either. Quality means more than quantity, am I right? n_n" Okay, explaining, explaining but sketching anyway!)

:orange: Reference sheet for Nathaniel
        (Finishing it but will take some time anyway...)
Finishing, finishing... I'm terribly slow by my nature. It seems.

:orange: Possibly at least one contest entry
        (Drawing Scarlet if I do! And probably a bit in an unusual way. New challenges are refreshing. : D )

:orange: Short comic experiment(Starteed already but not sure if I ever get it finished...)

:orange: More experiments with lineless painting on an aquarelle paper (even though I love inking linearts...)



So something extraordinary this time: Kiriban! And just because I'm so curious to see such thing happening ^^ I promise to draw a sketch for that person who is lucky enough to catch that 1234 pageviews and even care to submit the screenshot. n___n I've been thinking how many kiribans people really just pass without even noticing them so now I can try how this happens to be in my case. xD About the prize... I can negotiate about the style (background? coloured or just lineart?) and theme too: either OC or something more or less random. Good luck to you! : D

o.O! And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…
  • Listening to: Soundtracks
  • Reading: School books -.-&quot;
  • Eating: Rye bread!
  • Drinking: Water
Nothing so new actually : D Just the 100 Themes challenge I've been doing for some time now ^^I decided to put it here after all...

1. Introduction ->…
2. Love
3. Light
4. Dark
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Innocence ->…
9. Drive
10. Breathe Again
11. Memory
12. Insanity
13. Misfortune
14. Smile
15. Silence
16. Questioning
17. Blood
18. Rainbow
19. Gray
20. Fortitude
21. Vacation
22. Mother Nature
23. Cat
24. No Time
25. Trouble Lurking
26. Tears
27. Foreign
28. Sorrow
29. Happiness
30. Under the Rain
31. Flowers
32. Night
33. Expectations
34. Stars
35. Hold My Hand
36. Precious Treasure
37. Eyes
38. Abandoned
39. Dreams
40. Rated
41. Teamwork
42. Standing Still ->… (This far only lineart.)
43. Dying
44. Two Roads
45. Illusion
46. Family
47. Creation
48. Childhood
49. Stripes
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep in Thought ->…
53. Keeping a Secret
54. Tower
55. Waiting
56. Danger Ahead
57. Sacrifice
58. Kick in the Head
59. No Way Out
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Magic
63. Do Not Disturb
64. Multitasking
65. Horror
66. Traps
67. Playing the Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. 67%
71. Obsession
72. Mischief Managed
73. I Can't
74. Are You Challenging Me?
75. Mirror
76. Broken Pieces ->…
77. Test
78. Drink
79. Starvation
80. Words
81. Pen and Paper
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Out Cold ->…
85. Spiral
86. Seeing Red
87. Food
88. Pain
89. Through the Fire
90. Triangle
91. Drowning
92. All That I Have
93. Give Up
94. Last Hope
95. Advertisement
96. In the Storm
97. Safety First
98. Puzzle
99. Solitude
100. Relaxation

Hope I achieve my goal X D
5/ 100 done at the very moment. "^-^

o.O! And if someone is interested in having a free sketch the link for more info is here:…